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My Pants Are on Fire, Yo
October 8, 2008, 10:43 pm
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I’ve got a confession. [No one’s reading over your shoulder, right? Okay good.]

…I tell tall tales to my doctor.

Not that bad you say? Those little white lies about exercising at least thirty minutes a day [since when does exercising my eyeballs watching “Mad Men” NOT count?], doing daily breast exams, and always, ALWAYS, always using condoms [geez, I almost feel like lying to YOU about that one.]

Still not a big deal, you say? Then allow me to provide you with a reality check.

Fudging the truth about your health may seem harmless – really, who wants to feel judged whilst stark naked in a paper gown? – but it’s one of the most harmful things you can do, like hitting up hookah every weekend. [ooh look at that look of surprise….that’s another post, I see.]

According to a national survey, 52 percent of you are growing some seriously long noses on doctor visits.

The thing is, the less you tell your doctor, the less he or she will know how to treat you. You may not think you have a problem, but if you have a tell-all session with the doc, you can find about a potential hazard on the horizon.

Three Things You Need To Talk About Now


This is a big one, especially for Blacks and Latinas, who tend to have higher rates of hypertension. Maintaining stress plays a huge role in maintaining your blood pressure, so if you’re facing any major [or minor!] life changes. You’d be surprised how they can help.

2. Frequent headaches, frequent abdominal cramps, back pain, etc.

One of the easiest things to do is to overlook chronic aches and pains. Having severe headaches isn’t part of life, and your doctor can do something about it. Pay attention for a few weeks to any chronic pains and note the time of day and the frequency, so you’re armed for your next doctor visit.

3. Your uncomfortableness/forgetfulness when it comes to those breast exams.

Yes, you’ll get the lecture. Yes, the doc will break out that little instructional how-to that can hang from your shower head. BUT you should still fess up – if your doctor knows that you haven’t been monitoring, they can try to make up for some of your slack.


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Great job! I look forward to reading more of your blogs 🙂 Go Wolverines!

Comment by Teon Abrams

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