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At Least One Thing Not Only White People Should Like
October 13, 2008, 4:10 pm
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Congrats to all the people who finished the Chicago marathon yesterday! And a big “get-off-your-ass” to all of you who thought about it but instead decided to live vicariously through the sidelines.

Who began the myth that running marathons is only cool if you lack any melanin? What makes the idea even more crazy is the fact that some of the most famous sprinters are people of color!

I mean, sprinting is cool, don’t get me wrong – by why stop at 100 yards when you can reap the health benefits of training your body to hustle through 10 miles? You’d be surprised at what your body can accomplish if you make it face a challenge.

If fear is the main thing stopping you – whether it’s fear of getting kidnapped or fear of being openly mocked – join a gym. No excuses, people!

Suz over at has some choice podcasts to get you started and your way to completing your first 5k.

Let’s prove the myth wrong. Keep me posted on your progress!


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